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Nagashima Aisei-en Guided cruise tour

The 2024 tour cruise is now fully booked.

Dates of service
1st. 2023.5.13 (Sat.)
2nd. 2023.5.27 (Sat.)
3rd. 2023.6.10 (Sat.)
4th. 2023.7.8 (Sat.)
5th. 2023.8.19 (Sat.)
6th. 2023.9.9 (Sat.)
7th. 202.9.30 (Sat.)
Depart. Hinase Pier. 12:30 pm
50 people first come first serve (minimum 10 people)
Children of primary school age need to be accompanied by their parents.
Parts of the journey
Arrive Hinase Sta. (upbound 11:52; downbound 11:30)
Depart from the pier in front of Hinase sta. 12:15

Arrive Mushiage port, 13:20. Tour of History Museum, Travel by bus to the Aisei-en. Walking tour (with commentary)
Depart Aisei-en, Travel by bus to the Mushiage port, 16:00
Arrive at. the pier in front of Hinase, 16:40
Depart Hinase Sta. (upbound 16:51; downbound 16:51)
You can NOT make a reservation for parking. Parking is in limited supply, so if you cannot come early, please use public transportation. The Parking is by JR Hinase. You need to pay 300 yen to use the parking. Please pay the parking fare to the Bizen-Tourist Association (Located in the Sun Tourist Information (center).


  1. If the event is canceled due to bad weather, we will post it on Twitter or Facebook, or contact the applicant by email or phone.
  2. There is the possibility the tour will be cancelled on the day.
  3. Children of primary school age need to be accompanied by their parents.
  4. You must arrive 15 minutes prior to sailing.
  5. If you do not get on the boat by the scheduled time, your reservation will be cancelled.
  6. When registering multiple people, please let us know the names and ages of all participants.

Guided Bus Tour

Dates of service
2022.10 - 2023.4
Once a month on the second Saturday
12:30 pm, JR Oku station
45 peopleļ¼ˆMinimum 5 peopleļ¼‰ First come, first serve
Parts of the journey
Depart Oku Sta. 12:30 (Arrival upbound 12:19; downbound 12:04)
Arrive Aisei-en 13:00 Tour of History Museum, Walking tour
Depart Aisei-en 15:00 Under the ossuary
Arrive Oku Sta. 15:30 (Arrival upbound 15:49; downbound 15:34)
How to apply
Please fill out the form shown below or by the phone.
Administrator: Mori, Tamura 0869-25-2212 (inner line541)


  1. It's possible the arrival will change by a few minutes depending on the road condition that day.
  2. If we do not have over 5 people registered by 2 pm on the prior Thursday, the bus services will be suspended.(We will inform you about the operation status by Twitter or email around 16:00 two days before.)
  3. You can NOT use the bus just one way or to get off partway.
  4. If you apply as a group with over 10 people, you need to contact us in advance.
  5. If you do not get on the bus by the scheduled time, your application will be cancelled.
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